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Marine Salvage Master and Arbitration Expert

Mehmet Özyabaşlıgil specialises in shipping with particular emphasis on Dry and Wet Salvage, LOF (No Cure-No Pay) +Scopic & TOF Agreements, Salvage Arbitration Services, STS with OCIMF rules and Oil Pollution Control, Casualty investigation, Experience of Salvage Arbitration Bundle, Coastal and Deep-sea Towage Approval Criteria,sale and purchase, as well as marine insurance and Claim matters with Average Adjusting. ISU and SSS practice, over the last thirty-nine years have a dealt with many hundreds of Dry and Wet Salvage Cases in the amicable negotiations and solutions found to the meetings in London and Turkey. He is Certified ISPS officer and ISM Courses. He was advertisement representative of MER/London for Turkey.

Former Marine Salvage Master and Arbitration Expert of TMO ( Turkish Maritime Organisation) Head of Legal and Salvage Dept 971-997.

Former Marine Salvage Arbitration Expert and Emergency Response consultant Head of Legal Dept of Coastal Safety and Salvage Administration 998- 2003, Former Marine Salvage Master and Salvage Arbitration Consultant (Tuggage, Salvage, Emergency Response and Environment Protection) of General Management of TMO Head of Legal Dept and Directorate of Port of İstanbul 2003 – 2011, Marine Salvage Arbitrator and Expert of Turkish Chamber of Shipping 2009


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